Meet the BikeKick Team!

Now I have to tell who we are and how we got here.

I’ll keep it short.

My name is Wim Spa and together with my wife Patricia we live and work in Andalusia, southern Spain. In 2016 we came to Spain and we loved it here.

My Passion is cycling and to me this is one of the best feelings in the word. Great to sit on a bike almost daily and to take people for a ride and show them around this great place that is Andalusia.

We are just very excited about this place because you can go either way. Great to ride to the Mediterranean, but also to explore the interior from Coin.

Everything is possible here, road cycling, because the roads are near perfect, reason why La Vuelta passes here almost every year. The Spanish people is used to drive around cyclists.

Mountain biking is incredibly cool here, many men from the Spanish top level train here because the terrain is perfect. All lengths of rides are available, where you do not ride on tarmac at all and it is also a mecca for lovers of single tracks.

Soon we are coming with gravel ride vacations, so keep an eye on our website.


Come and enjoy with us in Andalusia!

Wim Spa

Wim Spa

Owner / Guide

My Passion is cycling.

If it is on the road bike or on the mountain bike, this is what I like.

I want to share my feeling for biking with you, when you are here. 

Just the relax feeling and atmosphere here in Spain, for me the perfect ride in the perfect spot to ride.

Hope to see you soon here in Andalusia. 

Patricia Spa

Patricia Spa

Administration / Guide

To make people happy is what I like.

Give you a good feeling and make you feel well, when your here.

On the road bike and gravel bike, these bikes are my favorites.


Pablo Alves

Pablo Alves


What to tell you about me? Born in Argentina, lived in USA, Uk and now here in Spain with my family.

Love cycling and everything that comes with it!

Come over and I will share my local knowledge of the routes and stories that come with them.

See you soon in Andalusia!!

Gerwin Jonkers

Gerwin Jonkers

Guide Mountainbike

The first time I came to this area I was immediately sold.

I’ve been riding a mountain bike for years and have been to many places in Europe, but this place is REALLY fan-tas-tic !!

I prefer long routes and / or technical trails. And that they also find here in abundance.

So come and experience it with us!

Jim Otter

Jim Otter

Guide Triathlon