Málaga, a hidden riding gem!!

What to expect?

The area where we are in Málaga, Southern Spain is the one going from the Mediterranean coast heading in land, between Málaga capital and Marbella al the way to Ronda and more.

This area is great because the surface of the roads are close to perfect and we can control everything and everyone, quiet roads and less or no traffic  from the coast to inland.

Why we chose this area? Because The area is great for all levels of cyclists, from beginners to pros, mountain bikers or road cyclists. We can take care of everyone. We are proud of the places we have waiting here for you. We want to be the best around here on every level!

For everyone

We are sure to make you enjoy the days you are here. We show you the best routes for road cycling, single track and MTBiking. (stay tuned GRAVEL RIDES COMING SOONFor each level we have a route. We want to be the perfect guide for you, so you go home with very positive stories and on recommend us to friends, club mates and family. We believe that the best publicity is the one that goes from one person experience to the next one. 


Here in our town of Coin, we have beautiful “flatter routes” heading in land and we are only 30 minutes away from the Málaga airport and all the coast towns from Málaga all the way to Marbella, talk about a perfect spot!

We can do  great rides heading down to the coast with descents and climbs up to 18%.

For mountain bikers Coin and the surrounding areas are a paradise, where we can offer so much that you will be amazed once again. Remember there is a route for every level to enjoy.

Sierra de las Nieves

National Park Sierra de las Nieves nature reserve in the area, near Coin.

This park is a wonderful place for road cycling and mountain biking.

This park has beautiful paved and unpaved trails.

You can use our guiding services and rely on our experienced Dutch / English speaking guides and enjoy one of your best days on the bike ever!!

Marbella / Puerto Banus

Let the guides take you to the world of Marbella and Puerto Banus. Before we get there we are going to have to climb a little and then enjoy a nice cup of coffee or drink by the Mediterranean sea.

La Vuelta

For the fans of the Grand Tours, we have portions of the routes that La Vuelta takes when it comes around here. Plenty of finishing lines to visit! Also we can show you part of the history of this amazing places.

Experience what it is like to ride one of this climbs, going one of those decent Feel like a pro and enjoy together with your group and your guide the routes of one of the most challenging events on earth!