Mountain bike Xperience in Southern Spain

Would you like mountain biking in southern Spain?

A mountain bike package of 5 days and 4 nights.

Book now! You ride and train in an incredibly beautiful and challenging area.

Technical trails, interspersed with beautiful routes. 

Something for everyone.


What to expect:

  • Airport transfer from Málaga to the location of your choice.
  • Breakfast included.
  • Every day dinner.
  • 5 days / 4 nights /4 tours.
  • Incl. ultra light alumium mountainbike, assembled with S-Ram.
  • Guided tours, just pedal without thinking of the next turn.
  • Online photo service to make the memories last longer. 


All From € 450,- p.p.

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The area where we are riding this short week is full of beautiful views, most incredible road conditions, challenging climbs and some technical descends.

The beautiful countryside with breathtaking mountain views, rugged peaks and a variety of landscapes rolling in front of you are excellent ingredients for a memorable cycling weekend for all kind of cyclists, beginners and more seasoned cyclist will have their share of it!

Where will you stay?

 La Palmera.                        € 450,-

Cortijo Andaluz.                  € 490,- 

la Luna Azul.                        € 510,-

Hotel Castillo de Monda.   € 550,-

Mijas Residence.                 € 570,-

Have a different idea of what you want? 

Let’s put it together!

Personalized cycling holidays


Dates for 2019

Below are the dates for southern Spain mountain holiday.  It can be written either individually or with multiple participants.  If you want to book a private group of six or more people, it is possible to plan your own Usually week.  In that case, please contact us.


How the program looks

This mountain bike holiday is booked in southern Spain for seven days, taking into account five days of cycling and the arrival and departure dates. We define each day a beautiful route, of course, we take into account group.

Planning to eat breakfast between 8:30 and 9:30 and leave at 10.00 for the day trip. Ranging per day we will be on the bike between 5 and 6 hours and of course we stop for lunch and we take the time for some photo opportunities of the stunning vistas during the day.

Around 19:00 pm there will be eaten on site.

The distances will be approximately:

  • 1st day: arrival, preparation, dinner and briefing.
  • 2nd day: day trip of 30-50 km.
  • 3th day: day trip 50 -60 km.
  • 4th : day trip 40-50 km.
  • 5th: departureday you can have breakfast in the time you want, we bring you to the airport so that you are on time to catch your flight.

    Day by Day

    What can be expected

    • 1st day

    Today you be picked up from the airport Màlaga.

    Arrive at accommodation you choosed

    This day can be relaxing trip.

    There may also be made preparations for bike rides.

    Bicycles can be adapted to everyone’s needs.

    We eat together to get to know each other a bit.


    • 2nd day

    On this there is breakfast between 08.30 and 09.30.

    The intention is to be on the saddle 10.00 for the first ride.

    We go to the Sierra de Mijas and go relatively flat ride ride today.

    Everyone gets to be familiar with the terrain here.

    In the area is always ups and down here and it’s never flat.

    We will also explore the first singletrack and rock gardens.

    For today about 40 kilometers with 1000 altimeters.

    We stop for lunch when the group decides to.

    • 3th day

    On this beautiful will have breakfast between 08.30 and 09.30.

    The intention is to be on the saddle by 10.00 for the second ride.

    This day we continue to explore the area.

    This time we usually go riding on gravel roads.

    Energy is saved for the next day.

    In between there is opportunity for those who want to train the climbing muscles, to do a short steep climb.

    There are about 60 kilometers driven over 700 vertical meters.

    • 4th day

    Today will have breakfast between 08.30 and 09.30.

    The intention is to be on the saddle by 10.00 for the next ride.

    Today we are going to do lot of climbing and it will be in the most beautiful places. Unforgettable views over the Mediterranean.

    With a beautiful descent we come to the next climb, not long but steady. 5 km with an average of 10% !!

    At this point you stand at one of the best views of the Mediterranean. The rest of the day we usually go down in different ways, a must for the enthusiast.

    Everyone comes back with a lot of good experience and beautiful pictures on his / her mind.

    Total 65 km with 2300 vertical meters.

    Lunch? when the group feels like it.

    • 5th day

    On this final day, have breakfast at the time that everyone wants.

    Each person can spend the time as they wish today.